Exhibition: BAESQUIT

I was included in this final exhibition of BAES (the Benevolent Association of Excellent Solutions), April 2017, South-East London. 

Artists Included: Nancy Allen, Jazz Alonso, Emmanuel Awuni, Charlie Barnard, Elliott Batten, Sophie Birch, Bryony Bodimeade, Jack Bodimeade, Kirsty Buchanan, Hannah Burton, Michael Clements, Verity Coward, Eleanor Davies, Ollie Dook, Bobbye Fermie, Daniel Gatenio, Liam Geary Baulch, Victoria Grenier, Mathias Hancock, Holly Hunter, Jack Jubb, Millie Kelly, Rosie Kennedy, Leila Lawrance, Pietro Librizzi, Jasmine Michal Leonard, Gal Leshem, Finnian Mckenna, Ella McVeigh, Francesca Mollett, Patricia Mulligan, Oliver Mulvihill, Ivan Robirosa, Elvira Rose Oddy, Conrad Pack, Emilie Peyre Smith, Lottie Stoddart, Juliette Temple, Felix Treadwell, Jules Varnedoe, Charles Verni, Lizzie Watts, Morgan Wills, Johnny Wheatley, Emily Woolley, Camille Yvert

there are systems within systems overlapping with and connected to other systems composed of individuals. the intersection of these systems within a physical space created its own temporary sub system. as the physical space is removed the sub system loses none of its components. on the 6th april we will have a final merging of system before diffusing into our larger collective.
it has been wonderful.